Animals escape from John Ball Zoo and animals are roaming free!

Date: March 13, 2021

Yesterday a few of the animals have escaped the zoo in Grand Rapids and currently we are still missing at least 5 animals.

Yesterday about 14 of the animals escaped, about 3 lions, 1 elephant, 4 pelicans, 2 gorrila's, 2 giraffe's, and 2 goat's. Currently we are still missing 2 pelican's, 1 gorrila, 1 goat, and 1 giraffe.

"I was there when the animals escaped, it was somewhat scary watching all of them run out of the zoo but luckily no one was injured" -Joey Liliham

If you find any of the remaining animals please report to www.Johnballzoo/missinganimals/.com